The pricing is fixed at Rs 8,000/- for individuals (3 months only) and 14,000/- for couples, Rs 2,000/- at FITNET STUDIO & CLINIC by prior appointment only. (If you avail the above service, one visit price will be wavered off.)

Normal consultation fees is Rs 2,000/-. For subscribers, 2 consultations are kept free of cost.

Weight loss is guaranteed in our service, if you follow our advice strictly.

As per guarantee, if the basic result is not achieved, we shall extend service for 1 month more.

Dr. Basudev Tewari will call you as per a pre-fixed appointment. First call may take considerable time.

From time to time you will also have follow up calls or WhatsApp texts from him.

Dr. Basudev Tewari will be the point of contact with you during the whole service.

As per requirement, you may need to have talks with the dietitian, fitness consultant or counselor of his team.

Diet chart and exercise regimens will be provided over email.

Diet charts will be customized and will contain every food item, serving size, macros (amount of carb/protein/fat in each food), calorie values, exchange food options etc.

There will be 2 or more diet charts initially. This may be changed from time to time, if required. Subsequently many diet charts may be given.

At the end of the tenure, a maintenance healthy diet plan will be given to follow.

Exercise regimen will contain warm up/cool down, individual exercise, no. of reps, sets, tempo etc. Video of the exercises will also be provided, if required.

Diet chart and exercise regimen can be modified or completely changed, as per requirement.

For face to face consultation, you can have a prior appointment with Dr. Basudev Tewari at FITNET STUDIO & CLINIC.

First you need to fill up this form. It will take only a minute.

Please read the disclaimer carefully.

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