You need to fill this form and wait for our office team to contact you.
(Alternately you can also contact Dr. Basudev Tewari or his FitNet team on WhatsApp at +91 8240673055)

Please keep in mind that the session may last 30 minutes or even more in paid sessions. For free sessions, some free time is required.

Phone call or video meeting can be arranged for that session.

For FREE challenge, get your dietitian consultation and dietary plan. For PAID service, also get your customized diet chart and exercise regimen. This is followed up by weekly dietitian and fitness trainer consultations.

You will talk over phone at a prefixed time with Dr. Basudev Tewari / a dietitian of his FitNet team.

Please read the disclaimer carefully

If he/she feels, you need to talk to other team members also, ie some other dietitian, fitness consultant, doctor, counselor, etc.

If required, you need to have another follow-up talk with Dr. Basudev Tewari / his dietitian or his FitNet team member.

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